Auto Injury Care

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At Rapid Recovery Care, we specialize in handling personal injury cases.  In the state of Florida, it is required by law, that any person involved in an auto accident must seek medical treatment within 14 days to ensure they can receive compensation for their injuries and medical expenses.

After an Accident

Often times after an accident, victims walk away pain free, at first.  However, the impact taken on during an accident can cause your head to forcefully whip back and then forward. It can stretch or even tear the tendons and ligaments in your neck, which can lead to misalignment of your spine.  This can cause soreness, inflammation, and pain, also known as whiplash, that isn’t always apparent at the time of the accident.

Seek Treatment From a Medical Professional

With that being said, regardless of your own assessment of your injuries, it is very important that you seek treatment from a medical professional. Visiting your primary care is usually what most victims of a car accident will do.  However, often times a medical doctor will do little more than treat the condition with an overall assessment of your injuries with pain medication.  Unfortunately, this only temporarily relieves pain while your body tries to heal on its own, which can lead to severe problems down the road.  This is when Auto Injury Care is needed.

An alternative to seeking traditional medical treatment is to seek the help from a licensed chiropractor such as Dr. Dexter Hinds at Rapid Recovery Care. When you come to our office for Auto Injury Care we perform a complete examination to evaluate and document your condition for insurance reimbursement purposes.  If necessary, we will refer you for further testing or to other medical professionals before starting your treatment plan to get you back to optimal health.